20 March 2017

Welcome to Littera Carolina, the new website of the Network for the Study of Caroline Minuscule!

We’re hosted by the Digital Scholarship group and Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. The hosting and support of this centre of excellence for manuscript studies has been made possible through the mentorship of Dot Porter, Curator of Digital Research Services at SIMS, and through a generous Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH) Incubator Grant on ‘Knowing Our Past’, which enabled us to hire our fantastic Digital Developer, Drew Thomas.

Over the course of 2016, Drew designed and built the present website, as well as a host of features for our new project, A Partial Survey of Centres Writing Caroline Minuscule, c. 700–1000. The project was made possible by a substantial grant from the Association Paléographique Internationale (APICES). We’re excited to announce that the first articles in this project are due to be published over the course of spring 2017. As well as the articles, users will be able to search a database of manuscripts using several different criteria, and use a map to visualise the location and number of manuscripts in the database. An announcement will be made here, and on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, when the project is publicly released.

Blog Series: European Archives

Cloister leading to the library at the Abbey of Montecassino, Italy.

As well as the survey project, we’re very happy to announce our series of blog posts on working in European archive collections. The series is intended to share information that can be helpful to other researchers planning a trip to a particular library: not only its quirks, but also access, how to get there, how to use the manuscript room, where to store your things and where to eat, opening hours, what you need to bring with you, catalogues, useful phrases if the library does not operate in English, contact information, and so on. Every blog post will be different, but they are all written by someone who has travelled to the library and spent at least several days using their manuscript and reference collections. The first blog post, written by Arthur Westwell on the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, is out now! Keep checking back for forthcoming posts on the archive in Mantua, the Wellcome Library, Glasgow University Special Collections, the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh, the Biblioteca Ambrosiana as well as the Capitolar Library and Archive of S. Ambrogio in Milan, Vercelli, Einsiedeln, Cava dei Tirreni, the Bavarian State Library in Munich, Lambeth Palace Library, and the British Library. Please get in touch with us via Twitter or email if you’d like to contribute a post on a library that’s not already on this list.

Launch of Littera Carolina
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