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List updated 10 October 2017

Antonella Ambrosio | The script of medieval charters in South Italy (s. ix–xii).

Natasha Amendola | I’m interested in the continuity of knowledge from the classical period into the Middle Ages. My thesis follows the representations of Penelope within the Latin tradition. I am interested in ninth-century monastic manuscripts as Penelope’s name was inserted into some manuscripts of Donatus and Priscian grammars written or brought to some of the Carolingian centres at this time.

Elizabeth Archibald | Carolingian schoolbooks and intellectual networks.

Debby Banham | From the point of view of my own research, my interest in Caroline minuscule is mainly in what happens to it in England, and how it influences other scripts there, but as a teacher of palaeography I’d also like to expand my knowledge of the script in its original home. I’m particularly interested in medical manuscripts.

Haraldur Bernharðsson | Medieval Icelandic manuscripts from the twelfth century onwards.

Timothy Bolton | Manuscripts, early manuscript fragments.

C. Lukas Bohny | Ich bin Doktorand an der Universität Zürich/Schweiz mit einem Editionsprojekt über Sallustkommentare im 10. bis 12. Jahrhundert.

Shari Boodts | Latin patristic literature, medieval reception of the Church Fathers, transmission studies, manuscript studies.

Elizabeth A. R. Brown | Medieval France, the Capetian monarchy, Saint-Denis, medieval historiography.

Giuliana Capriolo | My research is mainly related to Latin medieval handwriting, circulation and production of manuscripts in southern Italy; I’m also dealing with medieval notarial documents in Campania.

Ainoa Castro | Visigothic script. I know it is not Carolingian, but since I work mostly with the Galician regional variant of Visigothic, my interest in Carolinigian script is focused on script transfers that happened for a century while Visigothic was fading.

Marlene Chan | History of the book – Anglo-Saxon and Carolingian.

Franck Cinato | Teaching in early Middle Ages; manuscripts of Priscian; Latin glossaries (esp. the Liber glossarum); Carolingian manuscripts.

Julia Crick | Insular palaeography.

Colleen Curran | I am currently working on the importation of Caroline minuscule into Anglo-Saxon England.

Fabio Cusimano | I’m from Palermo (Italy), and I’m member of Palermo’s Officina di Studi Medievali. My research interests are the history of medieval monasticism, Latin medieval hagiography, the Carolingian age, St. Benedict of Aniane, Latin palaeography, digital humanities and manuscripts digitization.
Find me here:

Johanna Dale | Research interests: eleventh and twelfth-century liturgical and historical manuscripts from England and the Empire.

Orietta Da Rold | I’m interested in medieval manuscript production and use and work. I am currently working on codicological questions raised by manuscripts which were produced in Britain after 1100, and also considering the impact that paper had in the copying and dissemination of texts in the later medieval period.

Elsa De Luca | Old Hispanic music palaeography.

Charlotte Denoël | Carolingian manuscripts of the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

Jean-Luc Deuffic | Carolingian manuscripts from Brittany. Director of the periodical ‘Pecia. Le Livre et l’écrit’ (Brepols).
Find me here: Twitter(@medievalpecia)

Daniel DiCenso | Chant books in the eighth and ninth centuries, scribes and cantors, musicology, chant, liturgy, liturgical manuscripts, Carolingian liturgical reforms.

Lukas Dorfbauer | Patristics; transmission of texts; early medieval and Carolingian Europe.

Anna Dorofeeva | Early medieval miscellanies, multilingual and monolingual glossaries, the Carolingian reform, Isidorean texts, the palaeography of Caroline minuscule and the dissemination and wider cultural contexts of books in the early middle ages.
Find me here: Twitter.

Birgit Ebersperger | Current research interests: manuscripts of the ninth century; medieval library catalogues. Affiliation: Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften.

Peter Erhart | Early medieval Alemannia and Rhaetia.

Charlene Eska | Early Irish legal texts, manuscripts.

Carol Farr | Art, scripts and codicology of manuscripts from Britain and Ireland, 600–1100; early Latin gospel manuscripts; the graphic presentation of texts and images in insular manuscripts; iconography of early medieval Irish and British art.

Michele C. Ferrari | Mediaeval Latin literature and palaeography.

Jennifer Freeman | The intersection of art and theology in Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages. My dissertation deals with images and theology of the Trinity from the 6th to the 9th centuries. Part of my research uses Carolingian Bibles and Gospel books, hence my interest in Caroline miniscule.

David Ganz | Palaeography, manuscripts.

Mary Garrison | Alcuin, education, school of York, lost library of York, books imported to the continent from Anglo-Saxon England, insular contribution to Carolingian culture.

Michael Gorman | Early medieval Latin manuscripts and texts.

Zachary Guiliano | Paul the Deacon and his Homiliary; Bede and his reception; theology; transmission of patristic texts; liturgical and homiletic texts.

Maria Gurrado | Palaeography, writing.

Evelien Hauwaerts | I’m a cataloguer of medieval manuscripts at the Public Library in Bruges. I am interested in the transition from Caroline to protogothic scripts, and palaeography in general.

Brandon Hawk

Yitzhak Hen | Cultural and religious (with special interest in liturgy) history of the Barbarian kingdoms. Currently writing a book on Western Arianism.

Julian Hendrix | Carolingian history, early medieval book production, and digital humanities. My current research projects focus on Carolingian monastic culture, the early development of liturgical books, and the collaborative structures of digital scholarship.

Jonathan Herold | My research focuses on early medieval archives and record-keeping practices: issues related to epigraphy, palaeography and codicology figure prominently in my study of medieval textual transmission, authority and modes of memorialization.

Gerda Heydemann | Research interests: Carolingian biblical exegesis and their manuscript transmission; reception of patristic texts. Current affiliation: Freie Universität Berlin.

Alison Hudson | English monastic reform and, in particular, Aethelwold, bishop of Winchester (963–984), whose students used a variant of Caroline minuscule.

Marie-Céline Isaia | am Senior Lecturer at the University of Lyon 3, doctor in mediaeval history and specialist of the history of the high Middle Ages. My doctoral thesis aimed to understand the social, ecclesiological and political meanings of hagiography in the diocese of Reims until the 11th century. Since my PhD, I study the hagiography and historiography of the diocese of Lyon before the Gregorian Reform. I am also interested in the political criticism of religious elites in Byzantium, Islam and Western Europe.

Jenneka Janzen | I am currently completing a dissertation on 12th-century Flemish manuscripts as a member of Erik Kwakkel’s ‘Turning Over a New Leaf’ project at Leiden University, Netherlands. Although currently working in a later period, I’ve long had a strong interest in Caroline minuscule and will return to studying it.

Jane Jenkins | Currently studying for Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society Advanced Diploma. Investigating work of an early medieval scribe.

Paul Johnson | I am an amateur calligrapher. Much has been written about Italic, but Caroline minuscule is the unsung hero of modern hands and typography. I am interested in learning more and beginning to teach myself how to write the letter forms.

Jesse Keskiaho | I’m currently a visiting scholar at the Faculty of History, University of Cambridge. I’m interested in annotations in pre-Caroline and Caroline Augustine manuscripts.

Erik Kwakkel | I am a palaeographer with a particular interest in late Caroline minuscule and how it develops into Proto-Gothic script. My research will culminate in a monograph on the birth of Gothic script, the groundwork of which was laid in my 2014 Lowe Lectures at Corpus Christi College, Oxford.
Find me here: Faculty | Twitter | Blog | Tumblr.

Stephen Ling | I have a PhD from the University of Leicester. My research focuses on the definition and regulation of the canonical clergy in Francia between 750 and 850.

Francisco Jose Alvarez Lopez | My research is mainly related to bilingual Anglo-Saxon manuscripts and the connections between England and the Iberian Peninsula before 1066. My interest in Caroline minuscule lies in the impact it had after its introduction to English scriptoria during (and after) the 10th century. Research interests: Anglo-Saxon palaeography, early English bilingual manuscripts, early Norman manuscripts, Visigothic manuscripts.

Leo Lousberg | Microtonal intervals in 12th-century plainchant.

Daniela Mairhofer | Latin literature; transmission of Latin texts; palaeography and codicology; German Caroline and Anglo-Saxon minuscule from Würzburg.

Marilena Maniaci | Codicology of Greek and Latin manuscripts, Latin Bibles, Byzantine liturgical rolls.

Jennifer Mansfield | Manuscript patronage.

Rosamond McKitterick

Barbara Santiago Medina | Medieval and Early Modern manuscripts and libraries.

Sven Meeder | Carolingian ‘revival of learning’ in general, networks of scholars and centres of learning, canon law, relations between British Isles and Continent. I am currently studying the workings of intellectual networks in eighth and ninth-century Western Europe as part of a 3.5 year research project, entitled ‘Networks of Knowledge: Spreading Scholarship and Reforms in the Carolingian Era’.

Rob Meens | My research mainly involves early medieval cultural history. Specific interests: handbooks for penance, liturgical manuscripts, canon law, priests and books.

Outi Merisalo | With current research on Humanist epigraphy and previous work on Gothic chancery scripts, I am interested in the history of Latin scripts, especially the transition from pre-Caroline to Caroline to Gothic.

Rissa Miller | Middle ages.

Claudine Moulin

David Nathan-Maister | I’m a private researcher based in France. I’m interested particularly in insular scripts, and in early Carolingian minuscule.

Andreas Nievergelt | German studies, palaeography.

Sinéad O’Sullivan | Early medieval glosses, reception of the Classics, reception of Late Antique writers in the Carolingian and Ottonian worlds.

Eef Overgaauw | Palaeography, codicology, manuscript cataloguing.

James Palmer | The Frankish Church; intellectual networks; transmission of ideas; computus; apocalypse; hagiography.

Laura Pani | I deal with the history of Latin handwriting in the Middle Ages, with manuscript traditions and with the edition of documentary sources. Research interests: the manuscript tradition of Paul the Deacon’s Historia Langobardorum, North Italian Carolingian manuscripts with particular regard to north-eastern writing centers, cursive handwriting, the writing of Cividale notaries in the 13th century.

Suzanne Paul

Elena Percivaldi | Historian and writer. Graduated in Medieval History from the University of Milan. Among various activities, I collaborate with the University of Ferrara (e-learning) and with Capsa Ars Scriptoria for “The casket of time – The Longobards”, an international publishing project aiming to enhance the Longobard cultural heritage through facsimile editions of manuscripts and stone artefacts. Interests: codicology and manuscripts, especially early medieval, Italian, insular and Carolingian.
Find me here: personal web site | blog | Facebook | Twitter.

Susanna Polloni

Miguel Calleja Puerta | I am working on the chancery of Alfonso VII (1126–1157), where the traditional Visigothic script was replaced by Caroline minuscule.

Andrea Puglia | I’m interested in written artifacts in cathedrals and monasteries of Western Tuscany between s. ix and s. xiii. I’m currently working on the private and public acts and manuscripts of Pisa, Lucca and Volterra.

Susan Rankin

Winfried Rudolf

Paul Russell

Torsten Schaßan | Digital Humanities, digitalisation of cultural heritage materials, data structures and metadata formats, digital editions, theory of editing, text encoding and markup theory, manuscript studies.

Bill Schipper | Hrabanus Maurus, Carolingian libraries, Biblical commentaries (Carolingian and later).

Daniela Schulz | Medieval manuscripts, reception of Roman law, leges, Digital scholarly editing, digital humanities.
Find me here: Twitter.

Barbara A. Shailor | I am interested in the interaction between Visigothic scripts and Caroline minuscule in Northern Spain.

Aming Shi | Librarian at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, University Library, Trondheim, Norway.

Evina Steinova | Marginal signs and annotations, Carolingian glossaries, Carolingian scholarly networks, first book of the Etymologiae.

Lia Sternizki | My research aims to explore the uses of otherworldly vision texts and other representations of the afterlife in the early medieval West, by looking at a wide range of sources from the sixth to the tenth centuries.

Jo Story

Larry Swain | Anglo-Saxon England and cognate languages and literatures of the early medieval period.

Rebecca Swanson | I’m an art historian and researcher devoted to the study of Carolingian manuscripts. I have recently finished my PhD at the University of Barcelona (Spain) by reconstructing the medieval library of Roda d’Isàvena (X–XII cent.), an ancient see of the Catalan Counties. My research interests are medieval art history, illuminated manuscripts, medieval libraries, medieval culture, medieval iconography, Romanesque art and Christian liturgy.
Find me here: Academia.

Lola Teale | Since 2014 I have been studying Caroline calligraphy and its history. I am currently copying some pages from Carolingian manuscripts using the same tools as the ancient scribes.
I am a member of a small group re-enacting the Carolingian period in Italy. I am not an academic but I am keen on calligraphy and its history.
Find me here: Facebook.

Mariken Teeuwen

Caterina Tristano | I’m studying 11th–12th century manuscripts written in Eastern Tuscany and especially in the Arezzo region.

C. L. Verkerk | The Aratea, palaeography, medieval history.

Alexandra Vidal | Sigillography, paleography, archives.

Giorgia Vocino | My current research focuses on early medieval manuscripts used for teaching and learning grammar, rhetoric and dialectic in Italian episcopal schools (eighth-tenth centuries). The large majority of my corpus of manuscripts is of course written in Caroline minuscule.

Martin Wagendorfer

Jean-Louis Walther | History of the Carolingians; epistemology of Christian theology and mysticism; palaeography, codicology and history of art about the Bibles of Tours; interpretation of the symbolic language of Romanesque capitals (Vézelay) and early medieval miniatures.

Julia Warnes | Carolingian learning and the Irish on the continent.

Matilda Watson | Early manuscript fragments in Norwegian and Swedish archives written in Caroline minuscule.

Sheila Watts | Vernacular manuscripts in Old High German and Old Saxon.

Teresa Webber

Hope Williard | I am interested in early medieval literary and intellectual culture. My research focuses on friendship and theology in the works of Venantius Fortunatus.

Haoyang Xu | Middle ages, Nordic studies, Roman imperial period.

N. Kivilcim Yavuz | Manuscript compilations and medieval book production, historiography, classical reception, textual transmission, digital humanities.
Find me here: Website.

Lila Yawn | Eleventh- and twelfth-century Italian Caroline minuscule, especially minuscola carolina non tipizzata (‘reformed’ Caroline) and its relation to local and regional minuscules.
Find me here: | Faculty.

Mary Young | Carolingian multitext manuscripts and library catalogues.
Find me here: Twitter.

Stefano Zamponi | Palaeography, codicology.

Bernhard Zeller | St. Gall charters (8th–10th century).

Leonor Zozaya | Medieval and early modern township archives and scriveners, palaeography, early modern epigraphy, digital humanities.