Littera Carolina: the Network for the Study of Caroline Minuscule is a network for scholars who wish to collaborate and advance the study of Caroline minuscule, an influential script developed in Europe from the eighth century.

We aim to bring together an international body of scholars to address all aspects of this script. Scholars — especially students — have few resources or tools available to study Caroline minuscule beyond a range of seminal but increasingly out-of-date and out-of-print works. Dialogue between historians, art historians and linguists is impeded by distance and language barriers.

We hope to encourage scholarly dialogue and to keep scholars up-to-date on the current state of research. In addition, our Partial Survey of Centres Writing Caroline Minuscule, c. 700–1000 seeks to provide a new look at important scribal centres, as well as a manuscript search function.

Students, scholars and those new to palaeography are particularly encouraged to join and participate in our friendly network.

Blog posts, news and announcements about opportunities and conferences are regularly posted on this website, our Facebook group and Twitter. Please join by signing up for our mailing list!